The Avon Weed Project

Avon Weed Project

The Avon Weed Project

Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management (NRM) had a dedicated team focussed on removing Weeds of National Significance (WONS) along the Avon River. Judd Davis, Wheatbelt NRM’s current Noongar Boodja Carer Trainee, was an integral part of this team. He was involved in all aspects of weed eradication, from surveying the river for infestations, to chemical spraying and manual removal. Through the WONS project, Judd learnt many important skills for weed control, including:

  • accurate identification of WONS species
  • using a GPS to survey weeds
  • engaging landholders
  • setting up photo monitoring points
  • efficient and safe use of chemicals around waterways and native plants
  • effective and alternate control methods for each WONS species
  • preparing and safely transporting chemicals
  • completing short courses on the use of chainsaws and chemicals
  • canoeing.

Several WONS have invaded the Wheatbelt’s Avon River, which are having a significant impact on the river’s health. These introduced species choke out native vegetation and reduce available habitat for native animals. The three WONS that Wheatbelt NRM is controlling along the Avon River are Bridal Creeper, Tamarisk and Box Thorn.

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