Our Rangers

Aboriginal people doing NRM ‘work on country’ within the Avon River Basin region on sites that are significant to the Aboriginal community.

The Noongar Boodja Rangers are continuing to flourish with 50 community members actively participating in the program.

The Ranger program aims to give unemployed members of the Aboriginal community the opportunity to get back ‘on country’ doing natural resource management work.

Over the last year, 20 full days of work have been undertaken including cleaning up important sites such as Burlong Park in Northam, assisting Aboriginal land managers with planting bush tucker trials, and establishing a ‘six seasons’ bush tucker garden at Northam Senior High School.

One of the most exciting developments has been securing a contract with the Shire of Northam to carry out ongoing maintenance at Burlong Park. The Rangers have also been helping the Department of Parks and Wildlife with surveying threatened Black-flanked Rock-wallabies at Nangeen Hill Nature Reserve. They also recently undertook training with the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and carried out a site assessment for a gnamma hole in consideration as an Aboriginal heritage site.

By building the capacity and reputation of the Noongar Boodja Rangers it is hoped that the team will slowly and steadily become a business enterprise managed by the local community.

Wheatbelt NRM Aboriginal NRM project officer Bomber Davis said, “We are developing a strong group of enthusiastic and capable Ranger team members who are excited to be working ‘on country’ and developing skills that will set them up for more meaningful work in the future.”


To learn more about being a Noongar Boodja Ranger, please contact the Wheatbelt NRM office of 9670 3100 or email info@wheatbeltnrm.org.au



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